Uktrainian Pingle Game Studio Opened Affiliate In London And Ottawa

Ukrainian outsourcing company Pingle Game Studio opened an affiliate in London, GB, and Ottawa, Canada, in June 2022. The London office will focus on business development and cooperation with western partners.

  • At the same time, opening a London office is not a business relocation. All the development teams stay in Ukraine – it’s the moral position of the company. Pingle already has offices in Dnipro, Kyiv, and Kharkiv, and they also opened an office in Lviv in March 2022.
  • As Pingle Game Studio says, the Canadian office opening does not mean a business relocation. The creative and development teams stay in Ukraine. It is the company’s conscientious position.
  • Pingle already has offices in Dnipro, Kyiv, and Kharkiv. In March 2022, the company also set up an office in Lviv, as well as announced the opening of a new location in London. In addition, the company has a representative office in Los Angeles.
  • As of June 2022, Pingle Game Studio employs 400 people, as per Dmytro Kvtun, CEO of Pingle Game Studio.
  • The studio focuses on AAA games, porting, full-cycle game development, game design services, and game testing.
  • Pingle Game Studio has had a partnership with Epic Games, Disney, Square Enix, Qualcomm, tinyBuild, Revolution Software, Egosoft and many other industry leaders since 2007.

Pingle is actively developing and the idea of opening a sales office in western Europe has been in our heads for a while. This step helps us be closer to our partners, make faster decisions, and speed up our progress. Our goal is to save as much talent in Ukraine as possible so that we can pay taxes here, develop the business, and help our country, – Dmytro Kovtun, CEO of Pingle Game Studio.

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