Ukraine As The Future Mecca For Drone & Robot Manufacturers

DroneUA founder Valerii Iakovenko explained the projections of drone and robot production in Ukraine in the interview for Mind – the key points:

  • Now in Ukraine concentrated the largest number of people who understand robotics and drones. In the future, this equipment, developed in Ukraine, will be supplied worldwide.
  • Ukraine will be the development center of the most advanced technologies, the most innovative equipment, production hub for chips and electronics for drones.
  • We have people – the most ingenious, the most innovative, the smartest. There are IT people who think outside the box and find opportunities where others do not see them. And this is a challenge for the IT industry, which works for the defense industry.
  • Ukraine will become a benchmark for production opportunities. It is here that concerns, clusters, associations will be created, which will be aimed at inventing the most interesting developments. International security companies will open R&D here (as Lockheed Martin, Boeing, and others).

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