Ukrainian Digital Initiative Digital4Freedom Presented in Lugano

Ukrainian government presented Ukrainian digital initiative Digital4Freedom within Ukraine Recovery Conference with the vision: “Strong European Ukraine is a magnet for international investments” aimed to accelerate sustainable economic growth.

  • The plan identifies a list of 15 National programs to achieve key results.
  • Ukraine Recovery Plan is based on 5 Core guiding principles: Start now and ramp up gradually; Grow prosperity in equitable way; Integration in EU; Build back better at national and regional scales; Enable private investments.
  • According to Digital government program is expected to implement:
  1. Nationwide census
  2. Government Programme “Ukraine — Digital Hub for Asian and European Backbone Traffic”
  3. Tax residency certificate in an electronic form
  4. e-Power of Attorney
  5. e-Entrepreneur
  6. e-Services for veterans
  7. е-Court
  8. Unified Social Sector Information System, all-in-one social service
  9. Providing 100% of the population with 1 Gbps Internet access.
  10. Automated public monitoring (control) system has been integrated) (ІАС DNA) and other initiatives.

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