Inevitable Rise of Private Cyber Armies: Ukraine, China, and the Future


After full-scale russian invasion in Ukraine and the simultaneous operations on the ground, air, water, and the new frontline – cyberspace, counties around the globe discuss the establishing the Cyber Armies to prevent the risks of cyber attacks, defend people, critical infrastructure and enhance cybersecurity for governments and businesses.

  • According to the Cyber Unit Technologies blog, “The Ukrainian volunteer cyber army movement is the first case and first step towards this reality.”
  • Three Reasons Why Cyber Armies May Become Institutionalized:
  1. Ever-increasing threats
  2. Speed & Innovation
  3. International Legal Environment
“Cybersecurity today is unattainable and impossible to understand for the average decision-maker, let alone regular employees. Yet, the latter are an organization’s most crucial security gatekeepers.”
Read the overview of the China cybersecurity case and how Ukrainian cyberdefenders tackle wartime challenges
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