Supporting Ukraine’s startup ecosystem: An inside look into the EIC’s €20 million fund


EU-Startups wrote the article about the European Innovation Council’s €20 million fund to support Ukraine’s deep tech ecosystem and interviewed TechUkraine Director Nataly Veremeeva and Taavi Madiberk, Skeleton Technologies.

Since February of this year, Ukraine has been fighting against Russian invasion. Amid the onslaught of bombings and atrocities, Europe’s wider startup community has been standing firm to support Ukraine, and to bolster what was a thriving ecosystem of innovation.

Why is it so important that we keep investing in Ukraine? How can we convince VCs to keep doing it?

Nataly Veremeeva:

  • First of all, most of the startups are alive. They are searching for investments and have interesting ideas, worth putting money into.
  • Second, IT is the most flexible segment of economy, with no heavy infrastructure and with high flexibility. Usually, all that is needed is to relocate people from high-risk areas to lower risk – and the work goes on.
  • Third, now is the unique time to test ideas in such areas as military tech, cyber security, logistics, healthcare, working with content – not in theory, but in real-life situations. This is a unique opportunity to quickly shape the product, test it and make it ready for the market with minimal investment and in the shortest time.”

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