Le Monde: The high-tech sector in Ukraine, between survival and innovation

  • Between the buildings that dominate a giant chess board, a trampoline area and a food truck, a few young Ukrainians cross the largest park dedicated to the country’s high-tech sector, UNIT.City.
  • Before the war, this “city within a city”, according to Denys Shymanskyi, the site’s communications officer, housed more than 3,000 employees and 110 companies.
  • Created in 2016 on the site of an abandoned factory in the capital, the space aims to be an ultramodern center combining work, life and education with high technologies. “The idea is an ecosystem in which everything goes faster, where start-ups can find money and investors directly on site,” explains Denys Tuchkov, the sales manager.
  • UNIT.City is beginning to pick up some color and regain some semblance of activity since its reopening in early June. At the start of the war, throughout the country, tens of thousands of employees specializing in the information technology sector, IT, relocated to the west of the country, to regions far from the fighting, where the stranger. If UNIT.City has only regained 15% of its normal activity, the apparent calm that reigns between the towers equipped with “intelligent cameras” in no way reflects the dynamism of the environment.

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Un robot intelligent à l’entrée de la Web Academy de Unit City, une smart-city dans le centre ville de Kiev, en Ukraine, le 15 juin 2022.
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