Training Center With Tactical Medical Course For Civilians

NGO Soloma kitties and military tech clothing brand Riot Division launched Training center with tactical medical course for civilians.

  • Since the all-out war begun, the charity foundation “SK (Soloma kitties) has been sharing the knowledge of skilled tactical medicine with the military personnel and security forces.
  • More than 8000 soldiers have been trained already and got the individual first aid kits, of course for free. This is the result of two months activity of the foundation. There is the demand, there are numerous requests for training, and it is essential to expand the foundation activity.
  • The volunteer instructors are holding classes on tactical medicine according to the MARCH algorithm. The main purpose is to teach how to use the individual first aid kit in order to help an injured person as efficiently as possible. Besides an extensive theoretical base and the significant experience of practical training all the foundation instructors possess practical skills in emergencies.
  • That’s why the foundation has established the training center “TK” in partnership with RIOTDIVISION clothing brand. RIOTDIVISION is consistently following the strategy of business social responsibility, and the assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine is one of its main activities. The consistent partnership resulted in the creation of the training centre.
  • The training centre “TK” has several strategic tasks, and one of them is regular interaction with business in order to train soldiers more efficiently.
  • Business representatives could order the training tactical medical course for the team: instructors will teach the employees to act in the right way during emergencies. The resulting profile will be spent on the further classes on modern tactical medicine for our defenders. This is a win win cooperation.
  • Besides, on attracting the business the foundation will get the possibility to develop other activities like the classes on mine safety for kids and adults.

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