Kiril Bondar, Partner & CFO at UNIT.City: “You May Not Predict The Future But Can Create It”


Before the war, the largest innovation park in Eastern Europe UNIT.City was a home for over 100+ local and international companies, building a vibrant community and developing tech ecosystems in Ukraine. We asked Kirill Bondar, Partner & CFO at UNIT.City, about wartime challenges, the current shift in management and strategy of the company, background and skills which help to overcome threats, and projections on the Ukrainian tech ecosystem.


  • The most amazing thing was the unity and willingness of people to help each other. Under bombing and shooting, you might expect people to care only about themselves, but at UNIT, even without too much formal commands, all community was very united and proactive. I guess this is the most fantastic experience.
  • Now it’s about 25-30% of all companies come back.
  • So now, Dominique PIOTET is very dedicated to strategy revision, ecosystem support, and communication with donors and partners.
  • Someone compares us with Israel now by saying that Israel has been living in war with neighbors for years. I’m afraid I have to disagree. To defend your borders and to fight with full-scale invasion is a different thing.
  • Ayrton Senna: “You cannot overtake 15 cars in sunny weather… but you can when it’s raining”. Think of this. In crisis times, everyone starts from the same position.
  • Ukraine at the Consensus 2022: we are known, we are respected, we are admired, and we are cited as an example. The case with the crypto fund helping Ukraine is being analyzed as a textbook! Bravo!
  • Focus on who you are and what you can do; money is just an attribute that will follow your success. It’s 100% guaranteed.

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