Defense Hackathon Will Take Place in Ukraine

IDI Camp defense hackathon topics now publicly disclosed.

  • More than 150 participants will present their ideas on IDI Camp defence hackathon, which closes its contestant registration on September 16. Participants will show their projects in the following areas: electromagnetic weapons, interceptor drones, territory demining, psychological influence systems, protection of unmanned aircrafts from radio-electronic warfare.
  • This list of topics is not carved in stone: enthusiasts can present their own inventions as long as they are useful to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, or help eliminate the consequences of war.
  • Hackathon needs programmers skilled in Python, Java, R, C++, Tensorflow, embedded development, drone operators, radio engineers and design engineers. Self-taught enthusiasts are also welcomed if they can be useful in creating breakthrough technological solutions.
  • Participants of the IDI Camp hackathon will compete for a prize fund of $20 000. The best ideas can receive investments from partners. The event will take place from September 23 to 25 in Kyiv. The exact place and time will be known only to the participants of the IDI Camp for security reasons.
  • Beside participants the hackathon also invited mentors – people with experience in developing and launching products who will help teams solve problems. Businessmen who are ready to invest in defense startups, and experienced middle and senior military personnel are invites as investors and jury respectively. Professional soldiers with combat experience were attracted to this event. 
  • Orginizers and Partners: IDI Camp, “Ukroboronprom”, “Mintsifra”, Ukrainian Startup Fund, Sigma Software and the Palyanitsa charity project. Yevhen Horoshko, operations manager of the hackathon, Dmytro Kovalchuk, owner of Alterra Group and Blaize companies, Anatoly Maslov, founder and CEO of ElifTech, 

Deadline of the registration is open until September 16 inclusive – apply via the IDI Camp website now. 


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