Ukrainian Let’s Enhance Partnered With Google Cloud & NVIDIA

Let’s Enhance, a computer vision startup with teams across the US and Ukraine, is a platform improves the quality of any user-generated photo automatically using AI-based features to enhance images through automatic upscaling, pixelation and blur fixes, color and low-light correction, and removing compression artifacts — all with a single click and no professional equipment or photo-editing chops.

  • To date, Let’s Enhance has processed more than 100M photos for millions of customers worldwide for use-cases ranging from digital art galleries, real estate agencies, digital printing, ecommerce and online marketplaces. With the introduction of, their  new API to automatically enhance and optimize user-generated content at scale for digital marketplaces, they needed to process millions of images every month and manage sudden peaks in user demand.
  • However, building and deploying an AI-enabled service at scale for global use is a huge technical challenge that spans model building, training, inference serving and resource scaling. It demands an infrastructure that’s easy to manage and monitor, can deliver real-time performance to end customers wherever they are and can scale as user-demand peaks, all while optimizing costs.
  • To support their growing user-base, Let’s Enhance chose to deploy their AI-powered platform to production on Google Cloud and NVIDIA . But before diving into their solution, let’s take a close look at the technical challenges they faced in meeting their business goals.

Let’s is designed to be a simple platform that brings AI-powered visual technologies to everyone — from marketers and entrepreneurs to photographers and designers, – Sofi Shvets, CEO and Co-founder of Let’s Enhance.

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