DOU: Migration of IT Professionals During Wartime

DOU released a new report about the Migration of IT professionals during the war, showing that Ukrainian IT specialists are returning home.

Key findings

  • In June 2022, 40% of Ukrainians were evacuated (in Ukraine or abroad), and in March, the number was 61%.
  • 27% of specialists relocated to the western part of Ukraine, and 13% – abroad.
  • The most significant outflow of IT specialists from Kharkiv, Kherson, Mykolayiv and Mariupol.
  • In June 2022, only 12% of tech specialists who lived in the city before the start of the full-scale invasion remained in Kharkiv: 6% stayed in the city all the time, and 6% returned. 18% of IT specialists remained in Kherson, 26% in Mykolaiv, and no one is returning to these cities by now.
  • 25 IT specialists from Mariupol, who filled out the questionnaire, are currently relocated – in Ukraine or abroad. More than 60% of specialists from these cities moved to other settlements in Ukraine.
  • Over 60% of IT professionals who moved because of the war plan to return home.

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