EU Family Office Seier Capital To Invest € 10 MLN in Ukrainian Startups

The family office of Lars Seier Christensen, Seier Capital International, is looking for blockchain startups in Ukraine despite the war.

The private family office of Lars Seier Christensen, chairman and founder of the Concordium Foundation, decided to allocate an investment pool of 10 million euros for projects utilizing the Concordium blockchain. With a large portfolio of investments Seier Capital is actively looking for investment opportunities in Ukrainian startups building blockchain products. 

The new € 10 million allocation is intended to help new startups get started and accelerate by using the unique ecosystem and features of the blockchain network Concordium. The money will be allocated both in the form of grants and in the form of investments in projects that decide to build Concordium networks on the blockchain.

Link to apply for a grant.

In addition to investments in start-ups, full technical expertise and support from the Swiss/Ukrainian blockchain Venture builder, Tacans, who’s CEO, Mathias Lundoe Nielsen, will be directly mentoring the startups receiving funding.

Last year, Lars Seier Christensen during the visit to Kyiv within the Conference.NFT said:

I was impressed by the many people showing up for the conference, and while I could not really appreciate most of the presenters due to language barriers, I met a lot of interesting people that I enjoyed discussing NFTs and blockchain with. I also think the launch of Dorofeeva’s interesting NFT project went very well. I would definitely be back another time!

Such steps from foreign investors make it clear that from abroad they are looking very closely and attentively at Ukrainian projects even during the war.

Everything is TECHable with Ukraine!

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