Winners Of The NASA Space Apps Challenge Dnipro 2022

Even in wartime, under missile attacks and bombs by russians terrorists our brave spacetech community is staying strong and continuing to unveil innovations. The world’s largest space hackathon, the NASA International Space Apps Challenge, once again held its local stage in Dnipro, 1-2. October, with a theme Make SPACE.

  • This year, 195 participants joined the NASA Space Apps Challenge Dnipro. The online hackathon united space fans from different parts of our country. They formed 41 teams and presented 38 projects.
  • Experienced mentors helped the participants with project development: representatives of the space companies Dragonfly Aerospace and EOS DATA ANALYTICS, as well as experts in the fields of engineering, technology, computer game development and design.
  • Meet the winners of the hackathon which will continue the fight for the title of Global Winner on December 8, 2022:

PureAir. The team worked on the task “Earth Data Analysis Developers Wanted!”  where they presented a virtual reality program that will allow you to easily reformat complex mathematical calculations and indicators into images of various weather phenomena on our planet. This way it will be possible to see different types of natural phenomena such as water, wind, fires, and clouds. The team believes that in the future this project can become the basis for creating a mini-school about our world for children and adults.

TSUBASA. The team tackled the On the Way to the Sun challenge and produced a creative story about the Parker Solar Probe’s record-breaking journey in 2021 and all the dangers it faced along the way. TSUBASA created the video game Sun Runner. By solving the different puzzles of the game, children and teenagers learn about space phenomena in general, as well as the history of the Parker Solar Probe, which records it broke and why its launch was so important.

NEXT SPACE LAB. The task “Exploring Venus Together” had this team working to create an energy storage system for a rover or lander that would retain energy for 60 days or more. For the basis of this system, the team looked to the technology of sodium-sulfur batteries, which are perfectly matched for the conditions of Venus.

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