Silicon Canals: Slush in soup after announcing Immigram as winner of its pitch competition; revokes startup’s win after widespread criticism

 After much controversy and criticism, Slush has decided to revoke the winner status of London-based, Russian-born Immigram.

  • Yaroslav Krempovych, Senior Associate at Movens Capital: “Meanwhile, Immigram, a software-enabled agency with a 100% Russian team, some of whom still live in Russia, actively assists Russians in navigating complex immigration procedures and managing the migration process to maximize the chances of Russians immigrating to the UK and thus escaping the consequences of economic strain imposed on Russia by international sanctions and business leaving country.”
  • Lisa Palchynska, AIN.Capital: “So yes, supporting Russian projects during the full-scale war launched by Russia, which has also caused immigration problems and energy crises, looks like a deeply controversial decision.”
  • Andrey Kolodyuk, Founder & Managing Partner, AVentures Capital, Chairman, UVCA, says, “It’s not about that Russian startup that got the prize, not Ukrainian one. It is about how it could be possible that a Russian startup focusing on Russians getting visas could be admitted in the first place… I am glad that they are awaken now and able to hear other voices and opinions that make them to do what is right in life, as there is no business as usual any more!”
  • Alexandra Govorukha, Head of Global Affairs at Sigma Software Group: “On November 17, Russians launched ballistic missiles against Dnipro, killing over 20 people. And right the next day after, Immigram, with a 100 per cent Russian team, which hires people in Moscow, got €1M in investments. How come that one of the most impactful tech events in Europe and respected VCs close their eyes to the truth? While Ukrainian startup founders fight against Russian aggression for the lives of their families and their country’s sovereignty, others seek to assist Russians in escaping the repercussions of their acts of atrocities.”
  • Ira Supruniuk, Communications at TechUkraine, “Since October 10, via massive missile attack all around Ukraine, Russia has used over 300 rockets, Kamikaze drones, destroying our energy and facility infrastructure (40 per cent damaged or destroyed). Half of Ukraine lives without electricity, water, and hitting – “thanks” to Russian terrorism.”
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