The Record: Kenneth Geers on the cyber war between Ukraine and Russia


Well known cybersecurity expert Kenneth Geers, Very Good Security, told about the course of the current cyber war between russia and Ukraine, the strategy of russian hackers, and the likelihood of a major russian cyberattack on the United States.

  • Ukraine also has a lot to share with NATO and the EU. This information explosion about russian hackers and russian cyber operations is likely to cause serious damage to Russia.
  • When Russia invaded Ukraine, intelligence poured into Ukraine — NATO and the EU have a lot to share. They have been collecting information about Russia for at least 20 years, and because of the war, they can be more open about what they know about Russian nation-state hackers.
  • Of course, there are more serious attacks — Russia wants to be able to target critical infrastructure in Ukraine if its military runs out of missiles and bombs. But these attacks are rare because they take a lot more time and thought to prepare, execute and assess the damage.

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