Rebuilding Ukraine: Principles and policies by CEPR


Yuriy Gorodnichenko, Ilona Sologoub, and Beatrice Weder di Mauro presented “Rebuilding Ukraine: Principles and policies” – a framework for Ukraine’s post-war reconstruction, providing an in-depth, sector-by-sector analysis to inform policymakers and the public about challenges, opportunities and tools for Ukraine’s reconstruction.


  • To integrate into modern production chains and develop technological competitiveness, Ukraine will have to rethink the organisation and structure of its science sector so that it really becomes a source of new technologies for defense and businesses as well as data-based policies for the government (see the chapter on science and R&D by Yulia Bezvershenko and Oleksiy (a.k.a. Alexei) Kolezhuk). Ukraine will also need to continue reform of its healthcare sector to not only improve the quality of life 9 for millions of people but also create a stronger stimulus for investing in human capital (see the chapter on healthcare by Yuriy Dzhygyr and co-authors).
  • strong defence sector will be needed to protect Ukraine from possible Russian attacks. Recall that the security risk will likely be the main impediment to Ukraine’s development and, ultimately, only Ukraine can defend itself from future aggression. Although today Ukraine largely relies on Western arms, it is capable of producing effective weaponry that already has shown impressive results during the full-scale war. Defence could also spur development of new technologies that can benefit the economy.

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