Report: Private equity, VC and M&A market in Ukraine 2022

InVenture Investment Group presented the report “Private equity, VC and M&A market in Ukraine 2022”

Key findings:

  • the volume of announced and completed M&A transactions in Ukraine, including corporate transactions and venture transactions in the technology sector, amounted to $305 million in 2022;
  • the size of the M&A market in Ukraine is somewhat higher, but does not exceed $400 million;
  • Compared to 2021, the total volume of M&A transactions decreased by 9 times: from $2.7 billion to $0.3 billion;
  • The number of M&A transactions worth more than $1 million also decreased by more than 2 times: from 120 transactions in 2021 to 54 transactions in 2022 (with 21 transactions in January-February 2022).
  • The largests deals: airSlate, Preply, Apostera, Augmented Pixels, Digitally Inspired Ltd, Spin Technology, Helsi

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