Ukrainian Tech: one year of resistance

Today Ukraine has a sad anniversary – on this day exactly one year ago Russia has started an unprovoked full-scale invasion to our country. The war has started much earlier, 9 years ago, when russia annexed Crimea and some areas of Donetsk and Lugansk regions, but such an open and brutal invasion has started on the 24th of February 2022.

Ukrainian Tech Sector has become one of the pillars of Ukrainian resistance, with Tech companies doing so much to help their homeland: directly donating to support our military, humanitarian cases, reaching out to international community for financial, military and humanitarian support, developing solutions to help solve the challenges, paying taxes and being in fact one of very few industries in Ukraine, staying active and alive, showing growth despite all the madness of full-scale war.

We truly surprised the world with the level of our bravery, and also ability to act in the most stressful and unpredictable environment, managing to deliver on our promises and executing contracts, keeping clients while putting in realization our contingency plans.

UA Tech resilience: general overview

We have a number of reports published during this time. The IT Resilience report done by Lviv IT Cluster, shows the changes in IT market Landscape as of May 2022

It also gave forecasts as for the export numbers by the end of the year:

Still, the end of the year has shown the forecasts of $8.5 billion of IT Exports were a bit too optimistic, with IT Ukraine Association giving the following numbers:

Despite more moderate numbers of growth, still there is 5.8% of growth compared to 2021, despite the war.

Events and news about UA Tech

Iryna Supruniuk, working for TechUkraine, did the following digest overviews of the most interesting events and publications over this most intensive year:

The first wartime edition (February-March) here

The second wartime edition (April) here

The third wartime edition (May) here

The forth wartime edition (June) here

The fifth wartime edition (July) here

The sixth wartime edition (August-September) here

The seventh wartime edition (October-November) here

Ukraine in the spotlight of global attention

Over the past year Ukraine became known all over the world. Recently, on the 22nd of February, Brand Ukraine and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine presented results of its “Report on Ukraine’s perception in the world in 2022”.

Key findings:

  • Ukraine has been in the spotlight of international media attention throughout 2022.
  • 71% of the world population supported Ukraine in the war. The war increased positive overall perceptions of the country.
  • International audiences have been very favourable to Ukraine’s President, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, paying tribute to his efforts in leading the country to victory.
  • The share of Russia-supporters and those holding a neutral position was highest in the Global South countries and this is something for us to pay attention to.
  • Ukraine’s influence, measured as a perceived impact that a country has on other countries, going up to 44% in 2022 from 36% a year before.

What is most important for us at TechUkraine, is this slide:

In the structure of Ukrainian Brand Tech/IT is occupying 5.7%. The objective of all our Tech sector is to make this share bigger, we want to be known for our innovation, creative spirit, our startups and unicorns and help build bridges between Ukrainian Tech and international community.

Make Ukraine known for its innovation

We call for everyone, working in communications in IT, be it Ukrainian or international PR specialists, media or communities to join efforts and help increase this number. Registration form is here.

What to do next:

Visit official websites and to:

  • Get the most fresh and up-to-date information about the situation in Ukraine
  • Donate for military or humanitarian cases of your choice
  • Learn more about regions of Ukraine and why we need all our territory back. And why it is so very important.

Glory to Ukraine! And let this year be the year of victory of light over darkness, human rights against oppression, respect to borders of people and countries against greed, blind aggression and disrespect to choices of others. Let this year be the year of a new era of human nations relations.