Recent loud investments in Ukrainian Startups

Despite the full-scale aggression, Ukrainian startups manage to attract capital.

UBN announces, that Ukrainian AI startup Harmix has raised $500,000 from Canadian investors. Harmix is a Ukrainian service based on artificial intelligence that automatically selects music for videos. In addition, the American company Vast, which plans to build a private space station in Earth orbit, bought the startup Launcher. The Launcher engineering team and its chief designer Ihor Nikishchenko are Ukrainians.  Moreover, the American company ZenBusiness, valued at $1.7B, bought Ukrainian Logaster, which developed an online logo designer. is giving an overview of 10 startups, that attracted biggest amount of funding since February 24, 2022, among them: Preply, Spin Technology, Releaf Paper, Tera Monada, My NFT Wars, Fairo, Kolibrio, Zibra AI, Deus Robotics and Fuelfinance:  

These are the most vivid ones, there are more. The most recent deal was made by the Ukrainian startup Finmap, that yesterday secured €1M Funding round from US/Polish VC SMOK Ventures, while co-founder is fighting on the frontline.

What is more important, more and more investors are starting to watch closely the Ukrainian startup market. is giving some examples:

If you want to join this trend, here are some promising Ukrainian startups to watch.

Via UBN and Tech.EU


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