Payment by crypto inside the UNIT City Ecosystem

The first crypto terminal has been installed in the UNIT City ecosystem. Thanks to UNIT’S friends and partners at Whitepay, there is a crypto terminal on the UNIT coworking space.

Crypto terminal in Unit
Now it’s possible to pay with crypto for:

  • The spent time in the coworking space
  • Any kind of goodies
  • UNIT’s best merch

Just pay with any crypto that suits you!

Whitepay is a cryptocurrency POS solution for businesses. These incredible guys offer versatile and flexible crypto solutions for merchants looking to break into the new era of crypto payments.

UNIT.City is a prototype for the city of the future. An ecosystem that promotes innovative entrepreneurship and research. As well as the creation of companies successful in the global market.

Advanced technologies of urban infrastructure are tested and implemented here, in particular in such areas as transport and micromobility, unmanned logistics, energy efficiency, automated security, telecommunications, landscaping, and the like.
By collaborating with promising startups, we create an innovative environment where the best ideas about comfort and functionality are brought to life.

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