GoIT won the Product Hunt Awards

Ukrainian educational company GoIT won the Product Hunt awards in two categories – the “Product of the Day” and the “Product of the Week”

GoIT product line

GoIT built its Learning Management System to kickstart the career in tech. By entering emerging markets, company promotes equality in the industry and shape the future of work. As Ukrainians, GoIT helps our displaced talents to succeed abroad or to boost their achievements inside the country.

Moreover, students from the US, Central and Eastern European, Latin American and Asian markets are actively studying on the platform too.

GoIT Platform

Here are some benefits of the platform:

All-in-one Learning Environment: Created LMS provides students with all the necessary study materials and practice tests in one place, making it easier for them to access and manage their learning resources.

Automated Assessments: With over 10K assignments and an automotive assessment system, the LMS in GoIT helps students to increase their learning efficiency by identifying their strengths and weaknesses, and providing personalized feedback to improve their performance.

Gamification: The platform includes gamification features which increase student’s engagement and interest in learning. With interactive games and challenges, students can have fun while learning and stay motivated throughout the process.

Personalized Progress Tracking: The LMS offers a detailed personalized students flow tracking system that allows teachers and students to track their progress and identify areas which need some improvement.

At GoIT we aim to transform education, bringing joy and excitement to the learning process. We developed our LMS to help our students to memorize materials quickly, easily understand difficult things, practice, and improve their skills.

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