10 funds investing in CEE startups

Recently, Inovo, ffVC, 500 Emerging Europe, and Credo Ventures announced raising funds of €100 million, $50 million, €70 million, and €75 million accordingly. Despite the decrease in VC investments around the globe and Russian invasion of Ukraine, the CEE region is now experiencing a growing supply of new cash for its startups.

  • ff Venture Capital (US) aims to fund startups at pre-Seed, Seed, and Series A stages. The VC invests in cybersecurity, AI, machine learning, drones, and cloud software.
  • Credo Ventures (Czech Republic) is industry agnostic and founder-centric. It invests in pre-seed to Series A tech companies.
  • Hoxton Ventures (UK) invests in early-stage startups. It focuses on deep tech, digital health, enterprise, fintech, biotech, and consumer startups.
  • Startup Wise Guys (Estonia) is not only a fund. It’s also a mentorship-driven accelerator for early-stage B2B startups that work in fintech, cybersecurity, sustainability, and XR industries.
  • VentureFriends (Greece) invests in B2C and B2B startups at Seed and Series A stages, focusing on marketplaces, SaaS, property tech, fintech, and travel tech.
  • Inovo VC (Poland) aims to fund developer tools, AI, machine learning, data science, healthcare, SaaS-enabled marketplaces, and B2C and B2B enterprises. It prefers startups from pre-Seed to Series B.
  • 500 Emerging Europe (Turkey) invests in very early-stage projects. The fund chooses startups from any sector, but it prefers businesses based on gaming or machine learning.
  • Presto Ventures (Czech Republic) aims to fund startups at pre-Seed and Seed stages. The fund focuses on B2B companies in data and analytics, SaaS, fintech, AI, and AR.
  • SMOK Ventures (Poland) focuses on early-stage startups in mobile gaming, SaaS, AI, sustainable tech, AR, VR, marketing tech, and fintech.
  • Underline Ventures (Romania) is a relatively new fund: The VC plans to invest about €20 million in startups from Eastern Europe at the pre-Seed and Seed stages. On its website, the fund doesn’t specify its industry expertise.

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Also, should add the London-based Blue Lake VC and Seier Capital.

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Support Ukraine!
  • Come Back Alive is one of the largest charitable foundations that supports Ukrainian soldiers, founded by the IT specialist Vitaliy Deynega. The organization collected more than 210 million UAH (more than $7M) in 2014. According to Na chasi, the Patreon page Come Back Alive is in the top ten projects by the number of financial donations.
  • MacPaw Development Fund
  • Army SOS, which develops drones;
  • Everybody Can, an organization that supports internally displaced people;
  • Help on the Ministry of Defense website.