Wired: Ukraine’s Startups Kept Innovating Through 1 Year of War

An article, published by Wired, is giving an overview of how Ukrainian startups are coping despite all the challenges of Russia’s full-scale invasion to Ukraine.

The article has gathered personal impressions and opinions of remarkable participants of Tech sector of Ukraine:

  • Alexander Kosovan, the CEO of 15-year-old software company MacPaw, which makes applications for Macs and iPhones
  • Julia Petryk, communications principal of MacPaw and the co-founder of PR Army, an ad hoc group of Ukrainian PR and marketing professionals trying to combat Russian propaganda by sending out pro-Ukranian missives to journalists and governments
  • Alyona Mysko, the founder and chief executive of an accounting startup Fuelfinance
  • Sofiia Shvets and Vlad Pranskevičius, who jointly founded an AI image editing startup called Let’s Enhance
  • Dmitry Dontov, the chief executive and founder of data protection company Spin Technology 

Read the full article here.



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