Ukrainian Company Launched a eTurniket Military Project

The tourniquet is a device developed by the NATO army. It helps to stop bleeding by circularly clamping the limb. It is usually a sturdy band with sticky self-adhesive tape on one side and a sling on the other. Likewise, it works by tightening with a stick (lever) on the outside, as well as a buckle, a lever lock, and a place to record the time of tourniquet application.

Each Ukrainian Armed Forces soldier must be equipped with 2 tourniquets.

What is eTurniket and how the idea to create it came about:

This is a WEBSPARK social project aimed at helping the military, and here’s what the company’s founder and CEO Yevhen Katrych says about it:

“Many volunteers are trying to help our military with money, purchases, production, and this is certainly good, but such help can not always be useful. A tourniquet is not a case where it is appropriate to experiment and use something untested, so we decided to implement a resource that will help volunteers and the military get tested information about the quality of the tourniquet, and help manufacturers to know how effective their product is. A low-quality tourniquet is worse than no tourniquet at all because it gives false hope.”

Back at the beginning of the full-scale invasion, when there were few tourniquets in general (and especially few of high quality), we faced the problem and experienced it firsthand.

The eTurniket team has analyzed all the available information on the web and started to form its own rating. Over time, it turned out that there was not enough relevant data, and the data that existed was quickly losing its relevance.
It is important to understand that a low-quality tourniquet may not stop bleeding, create too little pressure, or even break. As a result, a person can lose a limb or even bleed to death. Here’s what phlebologist and vascular surgeon Dmytro Androshchuk had to say about this: “The worst thing for a doctor is when he knows that he could have helped a person, but the victim was already dead at the moment he got into his hands.”

In this regard, we saw the need to develop a platform that would work and collect up-to-date data on tourniquets with real-time testing to be able to provide verified information from experts on the reliability and quality of the selected tourniquet. 

How to interact with eTurniket and what information you can receive

The user receives information about the certification of the tourniquet and about the tests. They will also see the opinions of experts (military doctors and tactical medics), the current price, and a link to the manufacturer’s website. Separately, everyone will see the rating of the tourniquet. You can also search by name, and country of manufacture, filter by CoTCCC certification, and share the link to the tourniquet on social media.

Project benefits

The eTurnstile project is a two-way platform that connects experts with turnstile manufacturers in the market. Thus, еТurniket highlights both positive and negative test results with chronology and criteria, which plays an important role and allows you to check the tourniquet for proper functioning. We are actively engaging military experts, doctors, and manufacturers who will become part of the project and help provide the best, most functional, and most affordable tourniquet option for our defenders. Also, the еТurniket team has developed a testing program for tourniquets made in Ukraine, which allows us to test their products in extreme field conditions and help the defenders of Ukraine.


We are WEBSPARK, a Kharkiv-based IT company with 18 years of experience covering the full life cycle of web and mobile development.

From the first days of the “russian world/peace” we have taken a clear position, helping to destroy the occupiers and defend Ukraine, and we continue to do so. We always take a very careful and responsible approach to every process, both in our work and in the types of assistance we provide.

That is why every process, product, and money raised is of utmost importance and responsibility to us.

Our motto is, is “We help by continuing to work so that we can help others.”

The main value of the company is its employees.

During the war, we volunteer to help Ukraine’s defenders and develop such services as and


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