Search Engine with Artificial Intelligence by Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a Ukrainian company that provides a comprehensive SEO (search engine optimization) toolset, including a backlink checker, keyword research tools, content analysis tools, and more.

Right now Ukrainian Ahrefs, valued at up to $500 million, is building a search engine with artificial intelligence Yep, the Forbes Ukraine reports. 

Ahrefs founder, Dmytro Gerasimenko has no plans to build a local search engine. He is targeting the English-speaking market right away. “We have the most requests from the US,” says the founder. The company is opening a larger data center in Washington, closer to American users. 


Ahref’s Yep screenshot

About Yep

Company’s innovation is a generative AI and large language models, which have been discussed worldwide for the past six months. The feature of his service is the Yelp TLDR function, which provides a brief summary of the top search results and displays it alongside the usual set of links. The basis is a language model with open-source code with 10 billion parameters.

The developers promise that Yelp TLDR won’t “hallucinate” like ChatGPT, which can “invent” facts and events. The algorithm is “trained” to only process and summarize information from the search results. Users can also view a list of sources and report errors.

The internal team of 15 people is developing Yep. $60 million is not their last expense. The company plans to start training its own language models in the new data center in Washington closer to the end of the summer. Yep supports text, image, and news search. The company also plans to acquire a developer of a ready-made solution for map search.

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