What military Tech developments are used on the battlefield? 

We see an incredible amount of technological developments around the world, but the best models are tested exclusively in practice. In this selection of military Tech, you will read about how Ukrainian technological developments helped bring Ukraine’s victory in the war closer. You will also be able to read about how the world admires the technologies created in Ukraine.

First Submarine From Ukrainian Developers

HIGHLAND SYSTEMS UAE was founded by a team of Ukrainian developers and has already presented a variety of armored vehicles, mostly known for the “Storm” hybrid MPV. Now, for the first time, the UAE-based company demonstrates its newly developed “Kronos” stealth submarine.  This was reported by the publication Defence Express.

How Ukraine became a testbed for Western weapons and battlefield innovation

While the U.S. and other Western officials do not always have a perfect understanding of how Ukraine’s custom-made systems work – largely because they are not on the ground – both officials and open-source analysts say Ukraine has become a veritable battlefield laboratory for cheap but effective solutions.

“Their innovation is just incredibly impressive,” said Seth Jones, director of the International Security Program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. CNN

Big Tech Descends on Munich Conference in Support of Ukraine

“Tech is “ubiquitous and belongs in a conversation on security,” White House Acting National Cyber Director Kemba Eneas Walden told Bloomberg during the event. “Ukraine has shown us that in the cyber domain, defense is really the new offense.” Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, US firms like Microsoft, Google, and Palantir have worked to bolster Ukrainian defense and cybersecurity.” by Aggi Cantrill. About this writes Bloomberg.

Ukraine has become the world’s testing ground for military robots 

The war in Ukraine has become the largest testing ground for artificial intelligence-powered autonomous and uncrewed vehicles in history. While the use of military robots is nothing new — World War II saw the birth of remote-controlled war machines and the US has deployed fully-autonomous assault drones as recently as 2020 — what we’re seeing in Ukraine is the proliferation of a new class of combat vehicles.

Developing wartime technology is a tricky gambit. Despite the best assurances of the manufacturers, there’s simply no way to know what could possibly go wrong until a given tech sees actual field use. Read more about the new drones used in Ukraine in TNW’s article.

Hear and destroy: how artificial intelligence helps shoot down cruise missiles over Ukraine

The Zvook AI project is a hardware and software complex capable of acoustically detecting cruise missiles, helicopters, drones, and fighter aircraft at low-to-medium altitudes developed by Dmytro Bielievtsov. 

Regarding the Zvook system, we have an audio stream that contains many certain sound objects existing in time, not space, such as wind, road noise, little flies, engineers’ voices, cows’ mooing, chainsaws cutting wood, etc.

These sounds account for 99.9% of the data, which allows us to separate a very small percentage (0.1%) of what we are primarily interested in, i.e. the sounds of enemy air targets. Read about the new invention of Ukrainian on Ukrainska Pravda

Ukraine Suffered More Data-Wiping Malware Last Year Than Anywhere, Ever

After a year of the war, it is clear that the cyberwar that Ukraine has experienced over the past year is, by some measures, the most active digital conflict in history. Nowhere on the planet has more samples of data-destroying code been used in one year.

The researchers saw samples written in different programming languages and with different techniques to destroy the target machines’ code, from corrupting partition tables used to organize databases to repurposing Microsoft’s SDelete command-line tool, to completely overwriting files with unnecessary data.

“In terms of the sheer number of distinct wiper malware samples,” says ESET senior malware researcher Anton Cherepanov, “this is the most intense use of wipers in all computer history.” Read more about cyberattacks on Wired

How Ukraine is pioneering wartime science with mobile DNA laboratories

Ukraine is pioneering wartime science by rolling out mobile laboratories with new technology capable of processing DNA samples in minutes to identify the dead. It cuts down the time taken to identify those killed in Russia’s ruthless invasion from potentially years to just over an hour.

The new DNA machines, provided by Western donors including the French authorities and the Howard G Buffett Foundation in the United States, are being driven around the country in police vans, allowing teams to process evidence in real time.

“New technology, mobile DNA laboratories, cuts down the time taken to identify Ukraine’s war dead from potentially years to just over an hour. The new machines, which can be easily transported in vans the police are now driving around the country, can process DNA samples in just 100 minutes.” by Bel Trew. About this and many other things writes The Independent

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