Tech Emerging Europe Advocates — a Global Community now Available in Ukraine

Inspire the change. Tech Emerging Europe Advocates Ukraine is a community open to anyone, who is advocating the development of Tech. The group has no joining or membership fees and has chapters all over the world.

Ukrainian Chapter

The Ukraine Chapter of TEEA was officially launched on March 3. 2022. It was a special time, days after the Russian full-scale invasion, with over a thousand participants from all over the world. 

Now, a year later, we are building on Emerging Europe’s Support Digital Ukraine initiative, which has developed a number of projects, focused on Ukraine, including the Voice of Ukrainian Start-ups report and the TEEA Meeting 2023, focused on the collaboration between Ukraine, Poland and the United Kingdom. We are inviting advocates to join, in the lead up to London Tech Week and other activities going forward.

Global communities of Advocates

Tech Emerging Europe Advocates

Tech Emerging Europe Advocates (TEEA), which the Ukrainian Chapter is part of, is a community of tech entrepreneurs, leaders, experts and investors eager to make emerging Europe a global tech hub. The community is led by Emerging Europe and comprises advocates from 25 countries of Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia. It is part of Global Tech Advocates.

Global Tech Advocates 

Global Tech Advocates (GTA) is the only truly international grassroots tech community, uniting the private sector in multiple cities and regions worldwide. The network has over 40,000 advocates globally, from South Korea and Japan to Colombia, the United States and Canada. There are 29 geographic GTA groups, in addition to six GTA working groups.

For more information, contact Nataly Veremeeva, TEEA Ambassador for Ukraine and Director of TechUkraine at, or Andrew Wrobel, Leader of Tech Emerging Europe Advocates and Founding Partner of Emerging Europe, the London-based growth hub that runs the TEEA community, at


As a Tech Emerging Europe Advocate Ukraine, you get:

  • Access to a constantly growing global network of thousands of advocates: founders, investors, mentors and advisors;
  • Access to a dedicated community and networking platform, as well as offline or online meet-ups;
  • Exposure: your profile is added to the Tech Emerging Europe Advocates website and promoted on social media and you can pitch your story to the Emerging Europe editorial team; 
  • Curated insights from Tech Emerging Europe Advocates, Global Tech Advocates, Emerging Europe, TechUkraine and partners; 
  • Access to chapters, whose goal is to develop a pan-regional initiative, the use of a specific technology or a certain vertical;
  • Your voice heard, especially when it comes to regulations and policy, through surveys and in discussions and consultations with policymakers; 


As a Tech Emerging Europe Advocate of Ukraine, you are expected to:

  • Actively promote and contribute to developing of Ukrainian chapter of Tech Emerging Europe Advocates and the emerging Europe tech ecosystem; 
  • Help fellow advocates by making introductions, offering support and giving advice; 
  • Recommend at least two new advocates per year;
  • Subscribe to the Tech Emerging Europe Advocates newsletter and the community platforms (LinkedIn) and actively participate;
  • Agree to have your participation in the community reviewed annually to make sure that you are still an active member. 

Thanks for your interest in joining the community. Please fill in the form and provide us with information that can help us connect you better.

Join us to help make the world a better place via the use of Technology.  


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