Set University launched a set of cyber security resources

This collection includes courses, educational tools, professional blogs, and podcasts on cybersecurity. Set University has created a guide with resources specifically for those interested in cybersecurity and who want to understand what it is.

SET University is a new technological university that is restarting IT education in Ukraine.

Channels for learning:

  • Learning Paths. A resource with detailed training flows in the following areas: System Security, Malware Analysis, Secure Coding, Vulnerability, and Vulnerability Exploitation. Depending on the chosen specialty, the set of skills to be learned and their sequence differs. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with each of them to better understand where to start.
  • Cybersecurity Course by SET University Duration: 21 videos, 38 hours A free cybersecurity intensive course for people who want to get basic knowledge of cybersecurity and start looking for a job in this field.
  • SET workshops Duration: about 6 hours (excluding time for practical tasks) A series of cybersecurity workshops in the format of webinars and practical tasks. Will be useful for QA and Customer Support, trainees, and junior developers. No previous experience in cybersecurity is required.
  • IBM Security Learning Academy. A free training platform for using IBM security products. Includes access to courses, online event recordings, and the opportunity to receive a certificate of completion, which will be useful on LinkedIn and in resumes.
  • A huge selection of courses and GitHub repositories from researchers and professionals in the field of cybersecurity. Keep in mind that the last update was in 2015, so some features are no longer available.

Specialized literature and books:

  • Security QA. Telegram channels about testing and hacking from Sviatoslav Login, Head of QA at EVO. Sviatoslav talks about useful services, announces educational opportunities, and gives discounts on participation in professional conferences. From time to time, he launches a set of enrollment for his pen-testing course.
  • Svyatoslav Login’s blog. The same as the Telegram channel above, but with more content and better structure. Among the interesting things, there are recordings of Sviatoslav’s speeches at IT conferences and the opportunity to purchase one of the courses on working with specific vulnerabilities.
  • x_Notes. Telegram channels about cybersecurity from Sergiy Kharyuk, Offensive security lead
  • What are the professions in cybersecurity? Yevheniia Klepa, Director of Partnerships and Innovation at SET University, talks about 6 main professions in the field of cybersecurity and also gives a list of must-have skills for juniors and middles.
  • Pentest Book. A comprehensive online tutorial on pen-testing. There are the author’s contacts, so you can even ask questions if something is unclear.

Video for training:

  • Cybersecurity In 7 Minutes. Duration: 7 minutes. The name says it all – this is an explainer that explains what cybersecurity and cyberattacks are and explains the basic practices to combat vulnerabilities in 7 minutes.
  • What You Should Learn Before “Cybersecurity”. Duration: 5 minutes. **** A blogger who studies cybersecurity on his own tells how to prepare for the transition to a new field. Spoiler alert: you need to learn the basics of IT


  • No Name Podcast Duration: 5 minutes to 2 hours (episode length) Perhaps the best Ukrainian podcast about cybersecurity. The author is Volodymyr Styran. Some episodes are available in English. Lots of interviews with leading cybersecurity experts and experts + digests of professional news. What you need to dive into the field from scratch.
  • Securit13 Podcast. Duration: 4 minutes to 1 hour (episode length) The first Ukrainian podcast on information security. A total of 110 episodes have been released. Unfortunately, the last one was released 4 years ago.

University experts also advise joining the cybersecurity community, keeping abreast of the pulse, and constantly improving your skills.

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