Ukraine IT Service Providers and the War with Russia

SQUADGURUS has published a study on Ukraine IT Service Providers, details of which you can see in the news.

When the war started in February, it created a lot of upheaval in all sectors. Of course, that is nothing compared with the unimaginable personal toll taken on the Ukrainian people. In the IT sector, there was much uncertainty, especially in the earliest days of the fighting. Kharkiv, Dnipro, etc., eastern parts of the country were very much in the line of fire. One of our partners in Kharkiv reported that their office building was bombed at least three times (none of their employees were there).

Before the war, the Lviv region (in Western Ukraine – near Poland) was the leading location for those that responded (35.4%) while Kharkiv in the east was in second place with 29.2% of firms.

Where were your primary locations in the Ukraine before the war started?

But we see that technical specialists have changed their stay during the war.

Of course, the primary factor in a firm’s ability to deliver is people. That’s where all the risks and opportunities are, Even a war can’t stop Ukrainian professionals from delivering top quality with an incredible work ethic. In this survey, the data indicates a mixed outcome – with 70.1% of firms reporting no change in the number of Ukrainian-based employees since the start of the war, 17.9% reporting decreased employment, and 11.9% indicating that they have gained employees



Not surprisingly, all respondents said that they were actively seeking new clients. The United States is top of the list for these firms (86.6%), followed by Europe (76.1%) and “other regions” also in the mix (43.3%).

By and large, the survey pointed out both opportunities and challenges for the Ukrainian IT sector. It is clear that the firms that have committed clients are seeing success and growth. Every data point here and elsewhere has led us to believe that Ukrainian firms are still able to deliver solutions at a high level. They are just more likely to be doing it from the western part of the country.

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