Ukrainian Startups Succeed at Web Summit Rio 2023

The Ukrainian delegation received enormous support and interest from the Brazilian tech community.

While exploring the new market and gathering useful leads, 8 Ukrainian startups have captivated the attention of visitors from all over the world, showcasing the country’s technological advancements and innovative developments. 

Web Summit Rio 2023

Web Summit, one of the largest tech summits in the world, is rapidly conquering new territories. This year’s first edition in Rio de Janeiro was visited by more than 500 investors, 970 startups, and 21.000 visitors. The Ukrainian delegation also successfully concluded its participation, leaving a lasting impression on the Latin American tech community. 8 startups presented a wide range of developments, including an automatic facial recognition and detection system, an online space for organizing small and medium-sized companies, and a platform for optimizing corporate expenses. 

 “The Latin American IT market is dynamic and promising. Web Summit is a launch pad that provides ample opportunities to start a business in a new region. And it’s great that teams from Ukraine got such a chance. Now it is important for Ukrainian companies to expand their geography. We’re talking about the diversification and scaling of businesses, new partners, and financial resources. As a ministry, we help Ukrainian technology companies enter new markets in every possible way. And I am sure that after the victory, Ukraine will become a leader in the export of technologies,” — believes Oleksandr Bornyakov, Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine.

Startups Success

Among the startups showcased were Anna Maly, Kycaid, Stripo, UBOS, Uspacy, Orderry, Mosqitter, and FuelWell. Each of them presented solutions that addressed real-world problems, ranging from detecting anomalies in production facilities to reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Ukrainian teams took advantage of all the opportunities at the event, exploring the startup market in Brazil, talking to investors, journalists, potential partners, and clients.

Kycaid gathered information about the Brazilian market and identified ways to improve their product’s competitiveness. FuelWell raised awareness about their company and product through interviews with local press and bloggers. Mosquitter signed a license agreement for the production of Mosquitter devices in Brazil and explored potential local partnerships. Stripo outlined the steps needed to compete fully in the Brazilian market, including product and website localization, working with WhatsApp, and desired representation in Sao Paulo. UBOS received a large number of contacts of potential clients and partnerships with local companies in Brazil. Lastly, USPACY had the opportunity to talk to potential partners, clients, and investors and confirmed their strategic and product hypotheses regarding the Brazilian and LATAM market.

“I’m thrilled to report that the Ukrainian delegation of startups and tech ecosystem stakeholders had a highly successful and productive trip to WebSummit Rio. Our meetings with local authorities, deep tech labs, innovative hubs, and tech companies allowed us to showcase the impressive talent and innovation of Ukrainian startups to the LATAM audience. Moreover, a lot of LATAM startups are interested in the Ukrainian ecosystem and jurisdiction as an entry point to the EU market. We believe that these connections and opportunities will lead to further growth and success for our startups and our ecosystem, and we look forward to continuing to build on this momentum in the future.” — Pavlo Kartashov, director of Ukrainian Startup Fund.


The presentation of Ukrainian startups in the international arena is particularly important now and has a number of advantages: international recognition that improves the country’s image, attracting investments, expanding networks of contacts, opening up new markets, exchanging experiences, growing the ecosystem, creating jobs and ensuring economic growth for Ukraine. Therefore, we are pleased to further collaborate and partner with international companies, investors, and startups to support innovation and the development of Ukraine’s tech industry.

“Ukrainian startups represented themselves admirably and reaped substantial benefits from the Web Summit in Rio, getting a chance to establish communication with international investors, engage with industry pioneers, and stay abreast of the latest trends. These aspects are paramount for the advancement of innovative businesses and the overall Ukrainian startup ecosystem. Moreover, the Ukrainian delegation seized the chance to connect with customers, potential collaborators, and competitors, all in a single location. Despite the increasing digitization of various processes, offline events continue to hold significance and aid in expediting business growth. Hence, USAID CEP will continue supporting such missions to the world’s leading events,” — Olesya Zaluska, USAID CEP Chief of Party said.

The participation of the Ukrainian delegation was made possible through the joint efforts of the co-organizers – the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, Ukrainian Startup Fund, and Ukrainian Hub, with the support of the USAID Competitive Economy of Ukraine program and partners — Ukrainian American Coordinating Council, Flyer One Ventures.

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Overall, the Ukrainian Pavilion at Web Summit Rio was a resounding success, and we are proud to have represented Ukraine’s technological advancements and innovative developments on a global platform. Next stop? Web Summit in Lisbon in November! Last year Ukrainian pavilion beat all the records at Web Summit with over 30.000 visitors from 160 countries.


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