Startup Digest. Recent Funding Successes in Ukrainian Tech

Recent Last Funding Successes in Ukrainian Tech 


Ukrainian aviation startup InputSoft raised a round of 250,000 euros. InputSoft is a SaaS platform for optimizing the use of human and technical resources and data analysis in airports. The lead investor is a Ukrainian fund SID Venture Partners. There are Sigma Software Labs and Torino Cities of the Future Techstars Accelerator through the investors too. 


Ukrainian AI company Osavul has raised $1 million from the SMRK venture fund as part of a seed round of investments. As DOU reported, the startup focuses on cyber security, countering disinformation and analyzing the information environment. 

Cast AI 

The CAST AI startup has attracted financing from the CREANDUM fund and other investors in the amount of $20 million. CAST AI is developing a product for automation and cost management in the cloud. The platform uses artificial intelligence and automation to analyze companies’ computing resources and optimize them. 

Instock Inc

Startup Instock Inc raised $4 in seed funding organized by One Way Ventures, Lux Capital and Commerce VC. The idea is to back the venture capital offering the first fully automated data storage and retrieval (ASRS) solution for micro-operations. 


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