MilitaryTech: Brave1 Achievements

Over 100 Ukrainian developers have submitted applications to the Brave1 defense-tech cluster. The cluster was recently launched in Ukraine, serving as a unique platform for companies, government entities, military organizations, volunteer funds, media outlets, and all those dedicated to achieving victory through the technology. In just two weeks after the launch, the cluster has received over 100 applications from the Ukrainian innovators.

During the recent telethon, Mykhailo Fedorov, the Vice Prime Minister for Innovations, Development of Education, Science, and Technology, shared detailed insights about the BRAVE1 project. During the speech the Minister noted the Brave1 achievements, the use of technologies on the battlefield, and the progress of Army of Drones.

Brave1 Achievements

During the event, Fedorov emphasized the emergence of a significant defense-tech sector in Ukraine, that will definitely impact the country’s economy. He expressed the satisfaction with the 100+ applications received from Ukrainian companies, highlighting the cluster’s commitment to providing expertise, integrating developments into procurement processes, and facilitating scalability. Fedorov expressed confidence in the proliferation of transformative technologies in Ukraine. That technologies will redefine the dynamics on the front lines and contribute to the victory, — the press office of the The Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine reports. 

According to Fedorov, Brave1 fuels the development of defense-tech technologies by providing the impulse and opportunities. Any individual with an innovative solution in the field of defense and security can register their application within the cluster, gaining access to expert opinions from esteemed entities such as the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Ministry of Defense, or the Ministry of Strategic Industries. Additionally, applicants may secure grants, government contracts, or external investments to support their products.

More and more international investors are interested now in the development of BPLA. Venture funds that invest in defense-tech are being created. Institutions that support Ukrainian innovative products are being developed. Today, technologies are changing the rules of military operations. When this system will work at a full capacity, we will be able to have a significant advantage on the battlefield thanks to technology, — added Fedorov.

Army of Drones

In addition, Minister updated the information about the Army of Drones. As a part of the Brave1 project, 3,839 UAV drone complexes have already been contracted for more than UAH 4.3 billion. Meanwhile in March, within the Armed Forces, three separate UAV companies were created. They are changing the structure of technology application on the battlefield. They have already shown powerful results at the front, Fedorov mentioned.


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