TechUkraine projects 2021 

As we reach the end of the year, I wanted to take this opportunity to share TechUkraine’s highlights from the past twelve months – let’s reflect back on the 2021.

Dealroom & TechUkraine: Ukraine Female-founded startups 1.0

Ukraine Female-founded startups 1.0 – the first landscape showcasing female-founded startups & scaleups in Ukraine’s fast-growing tech ecosystem. This landscape categorizes companies founded and situated in Ukraine across industry verticals. 


  • mapped over 100 Ukrainian female-founded startups;
  • startups and scale-ups from enterprise software and robotics, from gaming to fintech, and fashion to energy: BetterMe, Let’s Enhance, FluroSat  Esper Bionics, LeoGaming, 1991 Open Data Incubator, Apostera, Greenbin, Mate academy  Rentberry,  Allset, nuka, DMarket, Cardiomo, PatentBot, Legal Nodes, Support Your App, Happy Monday,, SLOVA Tech PR and many other!
  • overview of the ecosystem builders and enablers.

Thanks to our partners greencubator, Ukrainian Startup Fund, Ukrainian Hub, UTEW Tech Tribe, Lift99 Kyiv Hub, UNIT.City and many others for support and contribution!

The month of Innovation on

On April, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Ministry of Digital Tranformation of Ukraine and TechUkraine launched #UAInnovative project – the month of Innovation on, the official website of Ukraine, administered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and Ukrainian Institute!

Discover the articles presented within the project about an innovative Ukraine that we are proud of:

  1. Ukraine — A New Regional Leader in the Sphere of IT Products and Services
  2.  Ukrainian Startup Companies From The World Of Technology
  3. Going Digital as Ukraine’s New Black

Great initiative of team! 

International PR in the tech industry

On May 13, TechUkraine, together with UNIT.City held a seminar on international PR in the tech industry, providing the best practice by advanced professionals:

  • Julia Petryk, PR & Comms Lead at MacPaw, discovered the trends and features in communications in COVID times;
  • Veroslava Novosilnaya, SEO at SLOVA Tech PR, Co-founder of WTECH Ukraine, told about specific approaches to work with local media on the global market (the USA, Great Britain, France, Italy etc.), how and when to pitch to reach success with publishing companies news.
  • Amirsan Roberto, venture investor, founder of the global communication network in Asian markets, and Nina Kulchevich, founder Victory PR, managing partner of in the markets of Eastern Europe (Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova) opened unknown opportunities for scaling up in Asia: cultural differences, specific platforms for communication and promotion, key events for kick-off
  • Nataly Veremeeva represented TechUkraine, the mission of the organization and ambition to boost the Ukrainian tech ecosystem countrywide and worldwide!

Big applause to Irina Novikova – the initiator and moderator of the event!

Boosting local traditional industries with IT capacities

During spring and summer, we run the project “Boosting local traditional industries with IT capacities” aims to increase the competitiveness of traditional industries in strong collaboration with Ukrainian IT companies. It was implemented by the TechUkraine team in partnership with APPAU – Association of Industrial Automation of Ukraine, International Association Culture&Creativity Association with the financial support of the European Union and German government through GIZ.

Key results:

  • launching the Industries on the Portal Creative industries & Machinery
  • gathered 55 challenges: 18 by machine building, 37 by creative industriesl
  • 16 success stories (Ajax, Sigma, Eleks, 3DLOOK, Radioactive, Dakh theatre, etc.) of cooperations between traditional industries and IT representatives and 24 news of the highlighted and benchmarking companies of industries,  
  • 58 companies registered for the two matchmaking events, and 24 companies took part. As a result of the matchmaking events, potential partnerships were formed: 29 for creative industries and IT, and 26 for machine building and IT,
  • 80 posts via FB and Linkedin, 
  • promoted the articles on Facebook on the total reach up to 1 000 000,
  • partnership with media: In Venture, Culture & Creativity,,, Ukraine Business News

Thanks to all our partners, the European Union, and Germany for making the project come true and Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH for supporting!

U Tomorrow Summit

In September, the U Tomorrow Summit by brought together 1,000+ guests, 100+ speakers from 15 countries, and 25+ themed tracks. Google, BlaBlaCar, UFuture, ROZETKA, Petcube, Rocket, Avalon,, Mastercard were just some of the companies that shared their experiences with Ukrainian business.

Director of TechUkraine Nataly Veremeeva took part in the panel “Connecting Local & Global Startups Ecosystems; “Glocal” success cases & personal insights with internatinal speakers:
  • Miguel Martin – President of Science, Tech & Innovation UNITED NATIONS SDGs at WBAF – World Business Angels Investment Forum;
  • Chris Burry – Co-CEO of the US Market Access Center in Silicon Valley;
  • Keith Silverang – CEO of the automative software company Basemark, an 11-year stint as the CEO of Technopolis Plc from 2008 to 2019.

Moderated the panel Rick Rasmussen, Industry Fellow and Member of Faculty at the University of California, Berkeley.

Watch the video via Kyiv International Economic Forum YouTube channel: 4.14.50- 5-11.30

360 Tech Ecosystem

In October, we signed the memorandum of cooperation with key stakeholders which develop the Ukrainian tech ecosystem and push it forward via the project 360 Tech Ecosystem Overview: BRISE Capital, Center42, Ukrainian Startup Fund, the Ministry of Digital Transformation, SaaS Nation, TechUkraine, Ukrainian internet association, LIFT99co, We Challenge,, Netpeak.

  • 360 Tech Ecosystem is the online database of IT-companies, people, investors and tech ecosystem in Ukraine.
  • The goal of the platform is to collect and structure the information on the whole IT ecosystem, particularly related to universities, startup-accelerators, technohubs and all tech industries, which will open up the new opportunities for the market and allow all ecosystem members to cooperate and develop in more efficient way.

TechUkraine’s mission aims to unite and activate key ecosystem players in Ukraine. We join forces for deeper cooperation of ecosystem leaders, government officials, business partners, and donors to further support Tech and spread the word.

Let’s make Ukraine a leading tech nation together!

Ukraine – Germany FORUM in Frankfurt-am-Main

On 1st of November in Frankfurt-am-Main, under the topic “Innovative solutions in a digitalized economy: Ukraine – Germany” high-ranking representatives from politics, business, and sciences from both countries met in Frankfurt in the historic Villa Bonn – as well as virtually.

  • The forum was organized by the Consulate General of Ukraine in Frankfurt, the Embassy of Ukraine in Berlin, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, and Digital Bridge Builders, Frankfurt.
  • The federal state of Hessen, which is one of the most successful German federal states, was represented by two state ministers Michael Boddenberg (finance) and Prof. Dr. Kristina Sinemus (digital strategy and development), who came to Frankfurt from the capital Wiesbaden. On the part of Ukraine, Deputy Foreign Minister Dmytro Senyk was virtually present.
  • The involvement of the Frankfurt Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Frankfurt / Rhein-Main Economic Development Corporation, TechUkraine, Digital Transformation Institute, and the Digital Ministry of Ukraine highlighted the high level of technical development in each case, which leaves plenty of room for mutual cooperation.

Nataly Veremeeva, Director of TechUkraine, participated in the event and showcased the development of the Ukrainian tech ecosystem.

Thanks to our partners Digital BridgeBuilders and TechUkraine Changemaker Viktoriia von Rosen for the invitation and productive cooperation!

How to Pitch Ukrainian Tech

  • For decades each Ukrainian community and company found its own facts, messages, and intonations to talk about Ukrainian technologies in the world.
  • However, till very present moment there was no single narrative, repeated by many voices, that is really strong.
  • That’s why we realized that there is a gap and found a way how we could fix it.

In February 2021, TechUkraine in partnership with UNIT.City, Ministry of Digital Transformation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and many other stakeholders of the sphere took the initiative to create the up-to-date pitch deck for the Ukrainian tech industry.

During 9 months of developing the project “How to Pitch Ukrainian Tech”, we went through several stages: 

  • launched all-Ukrainian survey,
  • conducted several meetings with ecosystem stakeholders – ideathons and brainstorms,
  • presented the concept
  • Implemented it into: a joint initiative of the Ukrainian ecosystem pavilion at Web Summit and the promo video of presenting the tech ecosystem by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and TechUkraine

UKRAINE: Europe’s biggest Tech country

  • Ukraine is a blooming tech talent pool. We power global tech engines. It’s BRAINing here.
  • Entrepreneurship hub: Start easy, develop fast, grow global with Ukraine. The land of tech freedom.
  • World’s R&D lab. Everything is TECHable with Ukraine.

Read the road map of the project, achievements and summary of this exciting and important for the whole ecosystem project.


Thanks to all who supported the project during the way. And – let’s make Ukraine a leading tech nation together!

CCI France Ukraine, La French Tech Kyiv & TechUkraine event

On Tuesday 7.12, the CCI France Ukraine in partnership with La French Tech Kyiv and TechUkraine held a conference on a topic: “How Diia City is changing the landscape of tech entrepreneurship in Ukraine?”

Nataly Veremeeva, director of TechUkraine, hosted this conference and moderated the discussion panel with:

  • Oleksandr Borniakov, Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation for IT Development
  •  Louis Bellet, Entrepreneur and founder of Yellow
  • Bertrand Barrier, Partner at Jeantet

Thanks to Dominique PIOTET, President of French Tech Kyiv, for making this event possible!

Watch a video

“How are the startups doing?” 

In cooperation with Ukrainian Startup Fund, a country-wide investment program that funds the most talented Ukrainian entrepreneurs, the Polish – Ukrainian Startup Bridge, we present a series of articles with the winners of USF Demo Days. The column “How are the startups doing?” is dedicated to the stories of teams that received grants from the Ukrainian Startup Fund and Polish – Ukrainian Startup Bridge and now can tell about their successes and what they have achieved.

During this year we wrote 10 interviews – take a look:

Keep an eye on the future unicorns next year!

Tech events, interviews & tech digests

During 2021 we visited several tech conferences, summits, forums and wrote reportages of the most brightest and insightful of them: 

Can’t wait the following event season of 2022!

In 2021 we caught a chance to take the interviews with extraordinary people: 

And we made 31 weekly and 12 monthly tech digests that covered 3 topics: R&D, new offices in Ukraine, Venture capital and startups, Ecosystem news, and reports that help our global audience keep an eye on the Ukrainian tech industry at a glance.

And the last but not the least – Ukrainian Tech Ecosystem Achievements 2021

Within the project “Ukrainian Tech Ecosystem Achievements 2021,” we shared 21 stories of the prominent stakeholders of the sphere, celebrating the success of the year and discovering what lies ahead in 2022 and beyond.
Thanks to all who joined our initiative and spread the word about the Ukrainian tech industry’s success firsthand:
  • tech giants – Softserve, Sigma Software Group, Ajax Systems, Depositphotos
  • prominent startups and scale ups – Macpaw, Preply, Datrics.AI, Let’s Enhance, Awesomic, fuelfinance, Words Booster Learn New Words Every Day (part of Genesis)
  • cluster – Kharkiv it cluster
  • funds – USAID, Ukrainian Startup Fund, BRISE Capital, N1, “EU4Business: SME Competitiveness and Internationalisation” programme by European Union in Ukraine and German government (implemented by GIZ Ukraine)
  • platforms – Greencubator, AI HOUSE
  • new tech media –, SPEKA
Follow the link and discover all stories!

Stay tuned in 2022!

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